PowerFilter is an easy-to-implement datawindow filtering component that gives your application auto-filtering functionality similar to that found in Excel.

Developed by Jim Reese

PowerFilter is an easy-to-implement datawindow filtering component that gives your applications auto-filtering functionality similar to that found in Excel 2007. It works with your existing datawindows, just add one control to your window and as little as 3 lines of Powerscript to implement.

  • Multilingual support built in, no coding required. Single source code supports multiple languages at runtime.
  • Dropdown checklist with unique values for each column. Check as many items as desired in as many columns as desired to define the filter.
  • Custom Filter with pre-defined options based on datatype (Last Month, Next Month, Last Year, This Year, Greater than, Contains, Above Average, etc.)
  • Supports Grid and Tabular DataWindows.
  • Supports Columns and Computed Fields.
  • Supports all standard data types.
  • Supports custom column formats including format expressions.
  • Dropdown Datawindows, ListBoxes, and Code Tables now display, filter, and sort on Display value, not the data value.
  • Non Visual Object (NVO) implementation. Visual checkbox implementation also still supported.
  • DisplayAsPicture support. Dropdown and custom filter dialogs automatically display images to select/filter if the column displays images using the DisplayAsPicture property
  • Appeon compatibility
  • Conditional visibility support. Filter button for a column has the same visibility properties as the column itself
  • Option to maintain existing groups when using the sort column option.
  • Wildcard and Case Matching options.
  • Quick sort by column built into control, with ability to disable that feature.
  • Instance variable options definable in the painter to modify appearance or behavior.
  • Optional object functions available to modify behavior.
  • Component can identify the columns and use default header text, or developer can specify which columns to allow user to filter and redefine header text via function calls.
  • Works with existing datawindow controls in your application, with as little as 3 lines of Powerscript to add.
  • Not PFC-based, but compatible with PFC applications.
  • Enhanced features in PB 11.5 version:
    • Datepicker for custom date or datetime filters.
    • Treeview presentation in Dropdown, allowing selection of entire years and/or months for date and datetime columns.
    • PowerTips (ToolTips) for each column describing the filter applied.
    • Transparent/Gradient option highlighting, just like Excel 2007.
New in version 2.0!
  • Search Bar added to Dropdown, dynamically filters the dropdown list as you type to include only items matching what you type
  • Incrementally add Search results to previous results with Search Bar
  • Expand/Collapse Date Tree option added to fully expand and collapse the branches of the date tree
  • Improved Performance for high data volume. Code performance improved, and optional parameters to limit the time spent building the dropdown list
  • of_SetBackgroundColor function to optionally set Background Color
  • of_SetFontColor function to optionally set Font Color
  • of_SetFontName function to optionally set Font Name
  • of_Set_Post_Filter_Event to identify an event on a parent object to execute after filter is applied
  • Resize from side and bottom, not just corner of the dropdown list
  • Dropdown placement and sizing improved for smaller window height.
  • Secondary options lists resize and scroll if needed to fit window height
  • Tested to work with 96 and 120 dpi.
  • Groupcalc() after filter applied
  • Apostrophes in Header Text handled
  • Button x coordinate bug fixed (integer changed to long for very wide datawindows)

The purchase of a single license covers all applications and all developers within your organization.

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Additional Information:

The $99.95 license fee covers all the developers and applications within your organization. Distribution of the controls in the form of PBD's (or compiled code) is royalty free. This means that you can distribute the PBD's with your application at no additional cost. On the other hand, distribution of the controls source code (e.g. PBL's) is prohibited. If your customers require the source code to PowerFilter, they must purchase a license.

Before purchasing the source to PowerFilter, please make sure that you perform a full evaluation of the product to ensure that it performs and behaves as you expect. Werysoft, via Jim Reese, will assist with technical issues. We will also work diligently to find solutions to any problems you may find.