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  • Gordon Drews Hello all, I have an RTE issue. Recently migrated from PB 10.5 to PB 12.6. This works in PB 10.5. The PB 10.5 richtextedit objects did not wok so I created new PB 12.6 ones. I do an InsertDocument, rte_letter_temp.InsertDocument(ls_docname, TRUE, FileTypeRichText! ) then, //Clear other Word Processor's formating that is incompatible with the richtextedit control This works, rte_letter.SelectTextAll(Header!) rte_letter.Clear() rte_letter.PasteRTF(rte_letter_temp.CopyRTF(FALSE, Header!), Header!) rte_letter_temp.SelectTextAll(Header!) rte_letter_temp.Clear() This works, rte_letter.SelectTextAll(Footer!) rte_letter.Clear() rte_letter.PasteRTF(rte_letter_temp.CopyRTF(FALSE, Footer!), Footer!) rte_letter_temp.SelectTextAll(Footer!) rte_letter_temp.Clear() This does not work... li_return = rte_letter.SelectTextAll(Detail!) li_return = rte_letter.Clear() This is returning a negative number? li_return = rte_letter.PasteRTF(rte_letter_temp.CopyRTF(FALSE, Detail!), Detail!) li_return = rte_letter.PasteRTF(ls_richtext, Detail!) li_return = rte_letter_temp.SelectTextAll(Detail!) li_return = rte_letter_temp.Clear() istr_id_pass.s_header = rte_letter.CopyRTF( FALSE, Header! ) This returns a blank? istr_id_pass.s_detail = rte_letter.CopyRTF( FALSE, Detail! ) istr_id_pass.s_footer = rte_letter.CopyRTF( FALSE, Footer! ) Any help is appreciated! Grinding on this one... :( Thanks, g
    Mar 20

  • Brad Wery Would you use a slide out navigation in your application similar to what you see in Google mobile apps?
    Mar 8

  • juan cyc This is my code: Este es mi código: li_cant = dw_datos.rowcount( ) lb_dwvacia = true if li_cant > 0 then for li_i=1 to li_cant if not isnull([li_i]) then lb_dwvacia = false end if next end if I can't access promo[li_i] , because it is a dropdown datawindow embedded in datawindow dw_datos. How can I see the value inside it? Thanks in advance! No puedo acceder a promo[li_i] , porque es una dropdown datawindow dentro de la datawindow dw_datos. Como puedo ver su valor? Gracias de antemano!
    Tue at 2:13 PM