PowerBuilder Ultimate Suite 9 Released

  • I'm happy to announce the release of PB Ultimate Suite v9. This is an exciting release for many reasons, including: new controls, 64 bit support, and various other enhancements and bug fixes.


    The two biggest enhancements are to the GroupBox and Static text controls which now have IDE support. You won't see full rendering in the IDE but you will see what the PB Native controls display. This makes it easier to see what your screens will look like while designing in the IDE.

    The styling on the toggle button has also been enhancement. It's not perfect yet and more work will be done in future releases.

    64bit Support

    64bit support was added in version 7, then removed when the PBNI canvas was removed. Now it's back!

    New Controls

    This release contains two new controls, PowerMessage and a Command Button.


    PowerMessage is a new way to display messages to users. It replaces the traditional PowerBuilder MessageBox function, offering a more modern look and feel.

    Command Button

    The PB Ultimate Suite command button inherits from the PowerBuilder command button so it comes will IDE support. It allows you to add an icon and many different styles and themes. This control offers 5 styles, and 5 themes. That's 25 different ways to display your buttons.

    For more information on what PB Ultimate Suite is, the controls it contains, and how it can help you modernize your applications, visit pbultimatesuite.com.