Why PowerToTheBuilder?

  • A question came up; what's the point of PowerToTheBuilder.com? Why do we need another community for PowerBuilder Developers?

    The TL;DR;, this is something I've wanted to create for years. Ever since the Sybase NNTP servers went EOL.

    Back in the day when we gathered together through news readers on the Sybase NNTP server, there was a feeling of being connected. It felt like a true community of developers. There were very few rules... mostly just, act like a decent human being. The community was very active. A lot of people where helping others. A lot of people discussed interesting topics. Some conversations got a little heated.

    After the NNTP servers where no longer accepting new messages the community disbanded and developers went in different directions trying to find a new home. Some went with the SAP developer community, others to social networks like LinkedIn, and a few to smaller forums.

    Regardless of where we all ended up, it never felt the same. The SAP platform was too strict. I've had posts removed that I don't feel should have been. It was also too focused on their "reward system". The goal seemed to be to get a higher ranking or to complete challenges to get more points. Not a big fan of that at all.

    LinkedIn seemed to get a lot of people but in my opinion, it has two big problems; 1) There are several PowerBuilder groups and it's unclear which you should be posting in. 2) The format doesn't work well to facilitate discussions between a large number of people.

    I wanted to create something where PowerBuilder developers can connect again on a more personal level. A place where you aren't rewarded for how much you participate. A place where you can openly discuss and share without fear of being censored or blocked (assuming you don't cross the line from being a decent human being to being a non-decent human being). As it says on the home page; a "Unified Social Platform for PowerBuilder Developers". Members, Forums, Blogs, Events, Groups, etc.

    Earlier this year I was thinking about all this and then it dawned on me. PowerToTheBuilder has always been about the Builder, the PowerBuilder developer. It seemed like a perfect fit. I had already created PowerBuilderUI.com for future use so I figured the current PttB website can easily be moved there. I did some research to see how easy it would be to create a social network and stumbled upon SocialEngine. Nearly everything we needed was right there. I installed their software, purchased a theme, made a bunch of tweaks, and that was it. Within a few weeks the site was ready to launch.

    I want to help create a vibrant PowerBuilder community. My hope is that we can get back some of what we had in the past. We can do this by working together. The more PowerBuilder developers we get here, the better the platform becomes.

    Thanks to everyone who's joined already. I'm very excited to see where this goes.