PowerBuilder SySAM Issue!

  • This morning I got to the home office to do some PowerBuilder work. I had to make some quick changes and get them out the door. I fire up my trusty PB 12.5 which I do almost daily... only to find the following error. 

    License Initialization
    Failed to initialize SySAM licensing.
    PowerBuilder is shutting down.

    The mandatory property file 'pb125_sysam.properties' is missing.

    Oh man. You hear about SySAM issues and you hope to never have to deal with them. In my opinion, licensing older versions of PowerBuilder is a major, confusing, pain. Try to navigate the SAP product site to know what I mean. My first thought is that I can't be the first to see this. I head over to the internet to do a search, sure enough, lots of results. Great. I do some reading and everything points to the same solution:

    "copy the pb125_sysam.properties file from the C:\Program Files (x86)\Sybase\PowerBuilder 12.5 folder and paste it in the C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Sybase\PowerBuilder 12.5 folder". 

    Perfect, easy enough. I copy the file over but still get the same error. Now I'm thinking, why can't it find the file? Is it a permission issue? Maybe. So, I run PB as Administrator and... there she is!

    I've been using PB12.5 for years and never had this type of issue. The only thing that could have caused this is a Windows update I applied recently (i.e. yesterday). If you see this and can't figure it out, just run as Admin.