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  • Sleep Function

    Posted Mar 14 by Brad Wery

    1 Comment 3 Likes 152 Views

    Using PB12.5, I recently needed to use the PowerBuilder Sleep function to add a very short pause to a loop. I first started with a half second: Sleep(.5) This was too much so I lowered it to half that: Sleep(.25) Eve Read More...

  • Why PowerToTheBuilder?

    Posted Feb 16 by Brad Wery

    2 Comments 8 Likes 306 Views

    A question came up; what's the point of PowerToTheBuilder.com? Why do we need another community for PowerBuilder Developers? The TL;DR;, this is something I've wanted to create for years. Ever since the&n Read More...

  • PowerBuilder SySAM Issue!

    Posted Feb 8 by Brad Wery

    1 Comment 300 Views

    This morning I got to the home office to do some PowerBuilder work. I had to make some quick changes and get them out the door. I fire up my trusty PB 12.5 which I do almost daily... only to find the following error.&nbs Read More...

  • PowerBuilder Ultimate Suite 9 Released

    Posted Feb 6 by Brad Wery

    5 Comments 2 Likes 617 Views

    I'm happy to announce the release of PB Ultimate Suite v9. This is an exciting release for many reasons, including: new controls, 64 bit support, and various other enhancements and bug fixes. Enhancements The two bigge Read More...